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the euro survival is all mine the greeks choose between more cards and breaking free from brussels as control. the u.n. sponsored peace plan for syria shaken to the core observers suspend their mission due to growing violence as both the regime and the rebels fight. to gyptian as cast of their final ballots for their post revolution future but many are disenchanted with the choice between an as long list and a former mubarak official.
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cohen thank you for joining r t a for the weekly this sunday on karen tara with the latest now the future all of the whole euro zone could arrest on the shoulders of greece but polls underway this sunday after last month's election failed to bring about a coalition government that's a vote that could result in the rejection of the country's current to bailout and even see athens exit the single currency will have more from our r t correspondent later on with a jacob agree. now on saturday the un backed peace plan in syria took another blow with the observer mission there suspending its
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activities due to an escalation of violence the syrian opposition has urged the u.n. to send the peacekeeping force into the country while the rebels and the government have abandoned any commitment to the cease fire r.t. is more a financial reports on how the syrians are dealing with the growing bloodshed. this is how humans can look soft it's been burnt by an electric cable mostafa shows us the fresh signs of torture an ardent supporter of syrian president assad he was kidnapped in his native city of lip. they held me for three days being all the tired of they told me is because you don't support our revolution rubbish they didn't care about the revolution either all they wanted was money that they contacted my family asked two million syrian pounds for me is this what they're fighting for. most of us wife sold the house and scraped up
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a half of the ransom and father for mystifies no looking for money again to hide his family. this revolution if you want to call it that encouraged criminals of all kind of these people they listen to what world leaders and me repeat that assad is evil and start thinking that they have the right to do bad things to all those who sit with the president of. syria once one of the safest places in the middle east is now one of the most dangerous even for those away from politics for twenty years this elderly lady has been selling vine leaves while showing us how to cook here broke the syrian dolma. the syria she once loved. that most syrians don't support anybody there in the middle but all suffer anyway they learn how to be afraid how to be careful and how to be angry we were happy before. her she says is even harder now to get meat for your blog comment
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from damascus says it could soon be even impossible allowed. used to bring animals from all around the country but roads are now too dangerous to travel the result my business is declining prices are a lose lose situation. why. the manager keeps his boutique hotel in downtown damascus running even though he's seldom any guests to look after the conflict torn country he is now a long way from people's idea of a top holiday destination is here with more people are afraid even if they want to come they can't make a reservation the world sites like oking dot com or hotels dot com they block syria . surprisingly though we meet a guest here even more surprising he says his business is growing these days dafydd is the chief executive of a media broadcasting company. for the mclellan really big cheers big for themselves
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but each certainly wants pictures that speak for them and the more convincing the message the higher the chances of victory and they're ready to pay for it even though the prose for air time has almost doubled you see. the pictures are are far transmits no matter from which side of the conflict they come send a clear message violent reality is all too familiar here in syria given to kids and me that. i know what's going on they kill and should people people die. who knows what kind of syria this six year old girl will face when she grows up in fifteen months of crisis syria has suffered deeply violence has raged sanctions have shaken economy and crime has flourished but has called for military foreign intervention getting louder syrians say they still hold out hope for peace even if they're prepared for war sufferings before they get there. or if notion our team
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syria. this week after the u.s. backed away from hillary clinton's remarks that moscow is supplying us with attack helicopters pentagon officials said it's tracking a russian ship with weapons and troops heading for syria moscow denies the claims but says several ships are ready if needed to protect its syrian base professor david gibbs says western media spin has left its mark on the conflict was a general point in these types of you know conflicts the propaganda aspect is critically important and there is an effort in the worse for rebels in a kind of purely positive light and syrian regime with a purely negative light and you know you know the facts on the ground are very hard to ascertain who massacre do for a long time for the want to look like it was clearly done by the government but there was a report in the german approach for typically the front for the argument to.
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indicate that there is some indications that might have been some element of the rebels that might have committed at least part of the massacre of the german report with the growth of who underscores the fact that it's very difficult to get at the truth in these types of conflicts where you know both sides are trying to use propaganda and spin to advance their positions and so this is being presented as is typically the case in these types of conflicts the good versus evil conflict with all the blame on one side even if the reality is more complicated. egyptians have reached the final day of the presidential runoff that will decide the country's future after eighteen months of political kelson instability the choice is between a u.s. educated islamised mohamed morsi and a former mubarak official met shafiq policy or is following the voting in cairo. whoever wins will take office in a climate of chaos confusion and a great deal of political uncertainty there is no constitution there is no
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condiment and the ruling supreme council of armed forces holds legislative and executive power now what makes this particularly alarming is that these elections were supposed to be the next step in egypt's transition to a real democracy it is still unclear what the who was the new president will have and indeed what his mandate will be now the one off is between two candidates the man put forward by the muslim brotherhood as dr mohamed morsi and he has been campaigning as a voice of the revolution on the other hand there's a from which a freak who's been supported by the army he's campaigning for law and order and he was the last prime minister in the era of the for me gyptian president hosni mubarak at this late stage it is still unclear who will win both have support but at the same time there is a lot of anger and apathy on the streets of cairo some of this is in line of recent developments this week when the constitutional court ruled that it was dissolving
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the parliament and the announcement was also made that the military police would be able to waste and dictate the people this might have the effect of causing some egyptians to come out and cast their ballot and if indeed they do they might be voting for morsi but again it is still too difficult to predict who will be the winner i've been speaking to people here at this polling station one woman told me that she was corrected that mubarak was not standing that she would vote for him another person telling me that they believe the muslim brotherhood is the only political party that can be trusted to move egypt forward policy of all t. cairo both candidates promise to bring order and stability back to egypt but an expert on middle eastern islamic studies dr all maher ashore believes as long as the military is on the political scene the nation faces a crisis. you don't have a parliament the legislative branch you don't have a did even the constitutional assembly that was formed by the parliament nobody
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knows its status right now whether it's going to continue as it is. constitution and. all dissolve distributing power among the various institutions or not now you have an elected president that probably will have no clear mandate in terms of his power and the supreme council that is very interested in him in taining. means of power whether the military economic complex that. the armed forces own veto in anything that has to do in high politics or national security issues and they also want immunity from any kind of prosecution for the military generals so they have a very specific demands for from any president and i think those demands will be will be subject of negotiations with the other president whether morsi but still the situation here is very vague. we were probably
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looking at multiple crises one with the parliament and one with the constitution and one for for the for the upcoming president. we have now two are back story where the entire future of the whole eurozone could rest on the shoulders of greece we talk live now to our correspondent jake a brief check up what options are available to greek voters today. well officially on the ballot paper itself there are eight parties running for office seven of them actually won seats in the may the sixth elections all important three percent threshold needed reality here we're looking at two competing school of thought defending austerity recently has been really symbolized by new democracy they have been the front runners from this camp they are defend. the job cuts also and the spending cuts are being implemented on the back of the bailout plan put forward by
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the e.u. i.m.f. and euro zone troika now this is proven increasingly unpopular among the electorate to see why they should be punished just that much and as such there has been a rise when it comes to what's been dubbed the radical left but increasingly they're courting the middle ground this is being a pit in my eyes by series a series of stands against the austerity plan they say they're counseling but also very importantly here they say they could do that and remain within the eurozone because they believe to be too costly for the euro zone to kick them out and present and on their trunk card here is the risk of contagion the thing is over can date if greece is kicked out of the euro zone that's spreading to other areas other countries such as spain and portugal who are also quite vulnerable at the moment you democracy and their allies who serve them in government as well the pass up party they say this runs of risk of the greece exiting from the euro zone all the analysts have talked about so far as the likelihood that like it during the may six
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elections there will be allies needed to form of viable government in the future on the back of this election passing the hundred fifty one seat threshold needed out of three hundred seat parliament a new democracy in the past have functioned alongside the pasok so short a socialist party now i'm joined now by one pasok m.p. eva kali now new democracy passed a party they have defended austerity why do you still defend austerity in the in the face of such opposition they defended the state the rules say that we defended the memorandum because you had to win some time so that we could apply all the forms needed to that we could make it instead creating growth it was made from the you that we had to take just so this take the measure was just something we had to do never defended that being said great. but you still say it's a necessary poison for greece to swallow even those theories are essentially saying this difference we hope and fear nobody says that we're just saying that we have to
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follow the biggest part of the memorandum we have to renegotiate some parts of it and we also have to extend the beat so that it's going to be more easy for greeks to handle it and you know low income quality of life is not very easy so that's what we're saying but the truth easy if you had to take these measures to gain time for greece this is making you unpopular that's what makes series of more close people because they they so hope so i hope you had to gain some time and apply the changes but even with those changes perhaps to the austerity plan you still supporting austerity and that is something that has proven very unpopular i mean do you think that your own defense now has a policy out along side as well with when it comes new democracy is the fear of an exit from the euro zone i think that's mainly a problem now because it's a huge risk to renegotiate the whole number around him who said that there are parts of it that we had to take and it's like the reform center changed the whole
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track to play the greek economy but this is a different thing than to not recognize a memorandum in the obligations to the e.u. still the risk to that series i want to take it's too big for us for the other parties and that's the main problem here although i do believe that the next day you can find us all together facing these problems here thank you very much for that so we've got time for course we'll know more when it comes to who's leading who's in the front running when those polls close about seven pm local time. right artie's jacob graves live in athens thank you for that update. a fresh attempt to find a solution to iran's nuclear issue will be made in moscow on monday as we report a little later. with a group of six world powers and tap preparing to sit out the window share. but there is a third party that's trying to stall the process find out who that is in a few minutes right here on r.t. . on thursday the u.k.
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supreme court dismissed julian assange latest appeal to reopen the case against his extradition to sweden the judges voted unanimously dismissing the bit as being without merit they will give weaker faces to sweden where he is wanted on sexual assault charges a soldier who has been under house arrest in britain for some five hundred days says the case is politically motivated and that his final destination will end up being turned however it now seems that he won't be the only lowered to face a crackdown artie's sara furthur reports on a bill being debated in the british parliament which if adopted could discourage people from exposing the truth of. the law on whistleblowing it's a war of attrition a good one to some who has nothing against people that have been a lot of wells and a lot of behind them is
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a battle against corruption. sequence in this video named collateral murder is just one of many wiki leaks revelations exposing real crimes revolutionizing whistleblowing and tearing down the divides between governments and ordinary people and the government's view. exposing wrongdoing can previously business as wendy addison found out back in two thousand whilst working as a treasurer of the south african company. she discovered the c.e.o.'s were stealing money from shareholders and sending it to offshore accounts and she blew the whistle it was a decade point that my whole loss of the parson. lost my career it was because. i started getting these streets anonymously there were occasions where i was almost inclined. consider exiting society completely. and this is a very common thing for. talking about suicide despite risking everything when he
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was in poor as in a lengthy legal wrangling and it would be more than a decade the full days who committed the crime went to jail model where so blowing techniques have been giving people more power to take on big corporations and even governments now the proposed changes to the law the tension is threatening the protections also at a time when the culture surrounding whistleblowing be making big leaps forward the law could be set to take a big step back the problems being caused by this the enterprise and regulatory reform bill which is currently making its way through parliament and one small discrete line buried away in the text referring to a public interest test we were really worried that putting in a public interest test into the legislation will have a chilling effect on the ability of workers to speak up a member of the international whistleblowing research network and an employment lawyer david lewis tells us the proposed test has dropped
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a bomb on whistleblowing provisions the great virtue of the existing provisions is there's no public interest it was a very simple test as long as you had enormous motu if you could be sure and it sounds that you would be protected now individuals will those claiming to use the provisions will have to satisfy public interest to us and make it very difficult for people to advise them the government archy's that the changes are aimed at closing a loophole this meant that employees with personal grievances a for employment contract have been able to use the whistleblowing provisions but the son this will be seen as just the latest measure making it harder out the truth. of course is this trend. is one crackdown in whistle blowing blowing the whistle have to differing degrees had their lives changed. their reputations threaten to ruins their freedoms removed but in the process they've revealed secrets that the rich and the powerful never wanted us to know who was being told i
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was doing the wrong thing. and you told me and i knew that i was doing the watching their vassal highlights the importance of protecting whistle blows and the public's right to know something they will say is well worth fighting for so if they see london all the details about the case are available on our website as well as the entire series of his talk show in a special section of the website that's our. dot com there's also much more online for you sporting officials are under investigation for allegedly trying to cash in on the twenty twelve london olympics by selling tickets on the black market. and also sales of u.s. weapons abroad a shot up seventy percent this year but the pentagon ready to give military hardware to some countries and russia's backyard for free.
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iran's top nuclear negotiator is in moscow for a fresh round of talks over to iran's nuclear program the two day meeting between the six world powers and starts on monday the previous negotiations in april and may little result apart from tehran tentatively of agreeing to let u.n. inspectors into a military side suspected of carrying out weapons related tatts the world powers also want iran to stop enriching uranium which they believe paves the way for acquiring weapons grade materials in return they're offering to help with medical research and aircraft parts however some critics say the close relationship between the u.s. and israel won't allow any breakthrough to come out of these talks. i don't think you can expect. quite a lot from from the moscow talks i think that israel will continue to force washington not to make any kind of headway with iran while. israel does fear
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that there might be some prospects of a solution between the obama administration and to her and so it's doing all it can and obama from now at least from up with seen until now has gained the reputation of giving in and not being very strong when it comes to confronting leisurely pressures so now in election year and especially when obama is trying to get the support of the conservative jewish votes i don't expect anything significant will happen from now at least until the elections take place the sanctions which the american administration has imposed to some extent that has been a factor in preventing the israelis from actually going ahead and launching a strike it's always possible that israel especially this current government might go ahead and launch a strike and this is something related to netanyahu and his own personal mission of the u.s. and that the obama administration keeps on reassuring for example that it is tackling this situation it has made the statement time and again and that actually
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reveals genuine fears on the part of the obama administration that israel might actually go ahead alex like iran unilaterally. thousands of opposition protesters spilled out onto moscow streets on tuesday in the first major rally since president putin's return to the top job last month the demonstration was attended by groups from across russia's political spectrum from the far left to right wing nationalists the rally was peaceful and went without incident unlike the previous major rally on may the sixth hijacked by radical groups it's all clashes and injuries among police and protesters this resulted in a new law bringing fines for those breaking rally regulations in line with european standards by leaders will now have to pay up to seven thousand euro's or do two hundred hours of community service. now some world news in brief for you this hour
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at least twelve people have been killed and dozens injured after churches in northern nigeria were targeted in a series of explosions the violence prompted protests in the state of doona an area known for its religious tensions this was the latest in a string of attacks against christians in the region the radical sect boko haram has previously targeted church services across the country killing hundreds. thirteen inmates have died in a blaze that broke out in a jail in southeast turkey prisoners to set their bedding a light during a mutiny triggered by accusations of poor conditions police fired tear gas and water cannon relatives of inmates who had rushed to the scene and hearing the news of the fire security forces say they were responding to thrown stones rather that were being thrown at them. libyan troops have been sent to the country's west
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where days of clashes between rival militias have sparked renewed violence at least sixteen people were killed and over eighty. in fighting between the revolutionaries and former khadafi loyalists the violence comes just weeks before libya is due to hold elections for a national assembly. french voters are choosing a new parliament and a second round of elections crucial for president francois hollande economic policies he's aiming to win a socialist bloc majority that would allow him to focus on growth instead of belt tightening and already controls the senate and is seeking support in the lower house reports say france wants the e.u. to agree before the end of the year on growth boosting measures worth one hundred twenty billion euros the. activists are demanding european governments treat immigrants fairly after amnesty international said the e.u.
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seems to care more about securing their borders and people's lives the human rights group claims countries have been indian during asylum seekers by turning away african votes but the troubles aren't over for those who do reach europe's shores as artie's tests are silly reports. it may be called the european the union but discord is rife and the swing to the extreme is becoming a little more mainstream especially when it comes to discourse on immigration and in some cases leads to outright violence from norway. to greece. to hungary. in our streets girls a rape liver molested and insulted by gangs of. recent elections in france and greece showed a big gains for the far right and immigrants say they've increasingly been on the receiving end of prejudice in many forms. in all of europe a woman with
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a bill can go into any shop and buy anything she wants but a veiled woman cannot work in the shop but what is in the report is the discrimination and racism in the everyday life that people are facing because they don't report because they don't trust the police so every time you get into that on the street or issuing the stern warning that you have to cough and stick it off you have whatever simply a two thousand and ten report by the european network against racism or discrimination found that racially discriminatory practices are widespread institutional in nature and practiced at all levels of society across europe in two thousand and eight the european commission proposed a directive that would ban discrimination on the grounds of age disability religion or belief and sexual orientation in all areas including social protection and advantages as well us access to goods and services now the current law only applies to the workplace but it's been four years and the directive is stuck largely because some member states are blocking it arguing that implementation would be too
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costly and this activists say is one of the many failures of policy makers and wall immigrants are blamed by politicians on the right for failure to integrate others say it's the authorities which have not done enough of. it was afraid of. the migrants. i never knew that if if there is a fruit and you get it from policy it's not the follow the jewel that's far as i know it's all of those who make the policy over the europe's economic troubles which are preoccupying leaders show no sign of ending soon but the race and immigration issues they've left are solved could prove just as big a political time bomb tests are so your r.t. brussels. in a few minutes we'll talk to a man who predict at the current economic turmoil that's after a recap of our top stories right here on r.t. .
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